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Dalfour Beauty Ultrawhite Whitening Cream Reviews - Real reviews from real people, and amazing before and after images.   from Arizona, USA. on 5/25/2012I love this product.. And only on this site where u can find the real st. Dalfour cream..100% original.. I used to have a lot of pimples and they are all gone because of this products. Thank for suzzy for selling only the best products that suits all skin type.. I recommend this products and it works very good to me.. Thumbs up..
ULTRAWHITE SET from Muscat, Oman. on 8/14/2015I purchased these products and I'm loving the results, they're really great products and I'm glad I purchased them, actually the ones I bought are almost finished so will soon be ordering for more, thanks a lot! [purchased along with Body Beauty Capsules, Relumins Intimate Set & Relumins Advanced White Capsules
DALFOUR BEAUTY ULTRAWHITE SOAP from Boynton bch, FL. on 7/28/2014Great soap, works surprisingly well, and makes you lighter. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to make their skin soft, smooth and lighter!!!
Ultrawhite glutathion  CAPSULES from San Diego. on 5/18/2016I liked this product. dark circles around eyes were reduced significantly. so far i only have completed 1 bottle (2 caps per day). Happy with the purchase.
ULTRAWHITE FACE WHITENING SET from Pennsylvania. on 1/27/2017Thank you so much for the products! They have worked out amazingly! My face looks so different from before. In the future I will absolutely order again (soap, sun block, evening cream and capsule). It's worth it!
 from israel. on 11/15/2014I am happy that after using the st dalfour discoloration on my skin was a little bit lighter moisturizes my skin and i am happy of the result need to purchase more of this. Thanks a lot
 from UK. on 9/25/2013I received my Glutathione whitening sunblock cream, SPF90, and I must say I love it so much and it is really addictive, it has became part of my every day routine and I hope to order more, I can feel the sun protection effects, but yet to see the whitening effects but it is too early to tell, I would recommend this product highly to any one thinking of purchasing.
 from Atlanta. on 10/13/2013I love this product, I've been using the product for 3 weeks now but in one week I saw an amazing result. I recommend this product to my co-worker,she is African American and she was very happy for the result. I'll continue to use the product, I just ordered me another one.
ST DALFOUR ULTRAWHITENING LOTION from Portland, Oregon. on 9/2/2013St Dalfour lotion really does make changes to my skin. After a month of using this product i love the result makes my skin soft and white it's really effective and the cost is pretty reasonable. :)
 from Belgium. on 9/23/2013I ordered this cream before and I did not like it because it was smelled like gas and I threw it away and that was last year, then last month a lot of black heads,small pimples and whiteheads came out on my face from using an expensive brand from other company. I read a lot of good reviews about this cream so I gave it a try again, WOW! this time it smell so good "like powder" and after 1 week of using it my husband start noticing that my face is getting better, he thought that I put make up before I go to bed hehe! I told him it was the St. Dalfour cream, then one of my friends said that my skin look amazing and it got whiter also. The pimples mark, whiteheads and blackheads are almost gone. Thanks, I love your skin products, It helps me to achieve the skin that I want. I'm sooooo happy!

DALFOUR BEAUTY GOLD FOIL WHITENING SOAP from Florida. on 12/7/2013So far I like it, for being a soap I am surprised how well it holds up with tightening my skin and its lightening abilities. The lactic acid is subtle enough to not irritate my skin too much. I will definitely order it again
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